Client Comments

Our clients have shared their experiences with Kinetic Balance to provide you with insight into the benefits and value of our services.

“Wonderful experience!  To find the consummate professional who is approachable and understands the needs and concerns of a senior person who wishes to continuing riding a new horse…Catherine is a treasure. A very enlightening experience that is proving helpful every day!”

“Catherine showed me very quickly and very gently how I was using my brain-body connection in a way that triggered my pain. I could truly feel a difference in the way I walk, stand and use my legs. It was well worth it….and I am going back for more!”

“Catherine is amazing with analyzing what a person is doing with his/her body and how to make the body work better.”

“Thanks to Catherine for a great session! I try to be mindful of the hip joint while walking and running (when I do run) and it has made a big difference in the foot’s contact with the ground. Right shoulder has continued to stay down.”

“After three joint replacement surgeries and open-heart surgery, Catherine is the most competent, caring person I have worked with. Her skills have helped me immensely.”

“Thank you so much for all your work, thoughtfulness and caring toward our son and our family during the last six years. We appreciate all you have done for him and your insight as to what is best for him. You have always been his favorite therapist. He willingly woke up early every Thursday so he could see you. We will miss you greatly!”

Kinetic Balance can help you:

  • Learn how to ride comfortably
  • Find and treat the hidden cause of your symptoms (such as back or knee pain)
  • Ensure your horse’s issues are addressed and provide you with the tools to understand and address them
  • Understand how your body and your horse’s body move so you can both move with ease and comfort

Just A Few Kinetic Balance Successes

Catherine is pleased to have helped:

  • A 75-year-old man learn to get up easily from a chair again
  • Equestrians learn to ride without pain again
  • A woman recovering from breast cancer move freely by gently loosening her scars
  • A golfer learn to play without pain and improve his game in the process
  • Office workers learn to work without neck and back pain

BEMER devices are designed to temporarily increase local blood circulation in healthy muscles and stimulate muscles in order to improve and facilitate performance. Better circulation means better health and a better life.

Kinetic Balance incorporates BEMER devices into both human and equine rehabilitation sessions as appropriate.

Comfort and better performance are possible. Schedule your appointment today.

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